Scrolling led message display

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Scrolling led message display

To build this I needed a WiFi-connected computer a Raspberry Pi is an obvious choice plus a display that is easily visible in a variety of lighting conditions.

These displays typically have a USB socket for charging and programming, and appear to a PC or Pi as a virtual serial port.

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They come with Windows drivers and software to download messages to the device, the intention being that you download your message then unplug and run the display from its internal battery.

Messages are stored internally in flash memory so the device can be powered off and it will retain the message.

For my purposes, I want to be able to send a message from a Pi, and have the device display that message scrolling if necessary until I replace the message with another one. I can then get the Pi to display the current tracker status — e. So the first job was to get the device running on my Windows PC.

The device installed as a serial device the common Prolific PL driver and the supplied software successfully sent messages to it: So with the software working, the next job was to have a look at what it was sending to the device. This is an excellent program and runs for 14 days in trial mode with nag screens.

Scrolling led message display

For the above message and settings it showed this packet being sent, at baud: In fact, this is because the PC is rendering the text and sending it as a 1-bit bitmap pattern.

The parameter section can be adjusted as follows: Byte 0 the first byte of the parameter packet has the brightness in bits Value 0 is the brightest and 3 the dimmest.

Scrolling led message display

Byte 2 has the following: For some strange reason, this value is repeated in bytes 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and The bitmap packets are 11 bytes each. Bit 7 in that byte is the top-left dot, and bit 6 is the one to its right, etc.

The smallest possible image then would consist of 1 bitmap packet, representing 11 rows the display is 11 rows high of 8 dots each. So, with the protocol understood, I needed to port this functionality to Linux on the Raspberry Pi.

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So, I opted for a 2-stage approach; I wrote a Delphi Windows program to build a nice clear character set and then copied the result into a C program on the Pi that can use it to render text before sending it to the display. To make the job slightly easier, I had the Delphi program generate actual C source code, like so: Accepts command-line parameters to set the scroll speed etc.

Renders text using the above character set information Sends the header packet, parameter packet, and bitmap packets to the LED badge at baud and with the appropriate delays as above. This behaviour is not useful for any application that wants to update the message and then display it for a while before changing the message.Shop Huge Inventory of Programmable Scrolling Led Sign, Electronic Message & Display Board To Promote Your Business at Outstanding Prices | TVLiquidator.

Shop Huge Inventory of Programmable Scrolling Led Sign, Electronic Message & Display Board To Promote Your Business at Outstanding Prices | TVLiquidator. In this guide, we’re learning how to interface LCD to Arduino and display text characters on LCD screen.

We’re interfacing 16×2 LCD to Arduino as a demonstration with circuit and code.


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Yes I did, but the message badge thing has more LEDs so can show wider messages without scrolling. So in my application it can display “All OK” statically.

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LED Scrolling Display Project Working With Circuit Diagram