Pestel analysis of airline industry in malaysia

The recent economic recession shook the entire industry. Even the airlines industry was deeply affected. Except for these economic fluctuations, both the world economy and the global airlines industry have done well.

Pestel analysis of airline industry in malaysia

Their exports mainly compose of oil and electronic equipments. The law strictly prohibits use or possession of drugs and there is penalty of death for someone who is found guilty.

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The official religion is Islam but there are minorities too which include Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Many international brands outsource their manufacturing unit to Malaysia due to their technical expertise.

The country might be small but it has immense potential. The other party is Pakatan and it is multiethnic and it is formed on the grounds that minorities should be given equal opportunity to represent themselves. Since the elections the political drift has divided the country in two parts.

Prime Minister Najib Razzak is trying to save his neck and political career by trying to cope up with the scandal that has recently come to surface, it involves government investment fund and Prime Minster heads the financial dept of it. So far Prime Minister has asked two government officials to step down, both of whom decided to go against him.

Full force investigation has been launched to investigate the matters. Fortunately for UMNO, opposition is a mess at the moment, with their leader in jail but there is high chance that UMNO might not be able to win next elections as they already lost popular votes.

Kassim, Economic Factors It is the third richest country in its region. Malaysian currency has devalued against dollar to this extent for the first time in history. Global oil price fluctuations have hurt their economy since it was their major export, also the Malaysian labor force is deemed expensive as compared to their counterparts, and therefore many companies do not think manufacturing in Malaysia is as feasible as they used to think before.

Pestel analysis of airline industry in malaysia

Worst of all situations is the political between current and former Prime Minister which has made investors rethink about their decisions.

Social Factors Malaysia has experienced years of economic growth and development with dynamic leadership, where government with its carefully targeted policies encouraged urbanization. Social issues such as poverty, unemployment and exploitation of workers by large corporations do not exist in Malaysia; however racial discrimination and conflicts are getting worse with the passage of time.

Majority of population is of Muslims but Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are not in negligent numbers which gives rise to these conflicts esp.

PESTLE Analysis of the Global Aviation Industry

Technological Factors Major firms in the world have outsourced their manufacturing in Malaysia because of its well established infrastructure and well equipped workforce who are productive and skilled.

The railroads, recreational parks, apartments and shopping malls are all equipped with optical fibers to provide internet connectivity to all people. Environmental Factors Environment of Malaysia is deeply impacted by deforestation and pollution. Malaysia has been blessed by diverse range of flora and fauna.

The urbanization, placing of dams, agriculture etc are the huge motives behind deforestation. Malaysia is a huge exporter of tropical wood and palm oil.

As a result, logging is still carried out in Malaysia although on paper they have the best rainforest protection policies. The island of Borneo in Malaysia has suffered huge deforestation by loggers since Malaysian primary forests exist in its states.A PESTLE analysis of the airlines industry: The recent economic recession shook the entire industry.

There were very few sectors that could perform well in the face of the economic turbulence. Airline industry is particularly sensitive to law and order, economic situation, that has resulted in difficult situation for commercial airline despite increasing popularity growth of air passengers.

PEST analysis for airline industry highlights 4 important factors that have affected the viability and profitability of the global airline industry badly.

Political Factors

Pestel analysis of airline industry - 24 7 Vacations - Content ResultsFerries · Check In · Flight Tracker · Baggage Info. Transcript of MALAYSIA AIRLINES PEST ANALYSIS.

PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL Taxation and crash crisis Negative impact on tourism industry ECONOMIC Inflation rate - from 4% to %. Decrease of ticket prices Promotions Advantage for domestic and international travelers SWOT ANALYSIS MALAYSIA AIRLINES Kaan Kemal Pakaydin STRENGTHS Owned by. With the help of Porter’s model we have the various micro conditions under which the airline operates and now I would like to discuss the macro environment of the airline industry with the help of Pest analysis.