Othello and much ado about nothing

Even though Much Ado About Nothing is less tragic and more comedy than Othello, most of the characters share characteristics that you can point out easily. Both main characters in the plays are greatly connected with the events that are occurring. Most of them are put in the same position but some respond differently than others.

Othello and much ado about nothing

Themes Jealousy and honour Claudio in his malleable and destructive jealousy might be a younger Othello, fearless and resourceful in battle, easily undone by love. Jealousy is implicit in the pictures Benedick creates of cuckolded husbands trapped at home by faithless wives.

He instantly dislikes Hero and jealously resents Claudio for turning from soldier to lover. The openness and realism of his relationship with Beatrice rids it of jealousy.

His initial horror and rage and his prolonged distress at the disgrace of the fruit of his old age and vessel of future hope proclaim the depth and strength of his attachment.

Repetition, exaggeration and profuse imagery in uncontrolled tirades point to a mind pushed to the verge of insanity by despair. His love is possessive and authoritarian: Although she suffers, empathy is suppressed in anxiety about his reputation and the frustration of his dream.

When on slender evidence he adjudges her promiscuous, he expresses the wish that she had never been born. He suffers for the patriarchal belief in his right to determine and control her behaviour. His jealous tendency becomes apparent in his fear of being tied down: When Don Pedro sanctions his choice, he grows suspicious: When Don John makes mischief and he believes that Don Pedro is wooing for himself, he becomes a misogynist: Like Othello, he is proud and has to be alone to hide the marks of jealousy.

Beatrice sees through Claudio, 'civil as an orange, and something of that jealous complexion' II. Speechless when Don Pedro presents Hero to him, Claudio remains constrained by jealous resentment. He obtains his ocular proof from 'afar off in the orchard' III.

Implicitly, he trusts any man before the most spotless woman.

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He dwells upon her apparent hypocrisy when he denounces Hero. His willingness to marry a cousin unseen, 'were she an Ethiop' V. In byplay before the final wedding, Claudio is no longer an observer standing aloof.

He teases Benedick about being cuckolded: Benedick, by urging Don Pedro, 'thou art sad, get thee a wife' and concluding with a self-parodic double-entendre, 'there is no staff more reverend than one tipped with horn' V.

Don Pedro jokes that Benedick has expended his sexual energy in Venice with Claudio his boon companion — 'Cupid spent all his quiver' I. The sexual standard is double. Claudio has acquired 'much honour' I.

Othello and much ado about nothing

Beatrice has the most vigilant sense of honour. In friendship and love, honour demands absolute loyalty: Don John and his followers are without honour: Beatrice exposes the gap between illusions of honour and reality. Her attack upon Claudio after his denunciation exposes the heartlessness and hypocrisy of his code of honour, which he invokes to mask conflicting emotions and promote male privilege.

She cuts through his cant about deceitful appearances with trenchant realism: Oh that I were a man! She puts mutual feeling before fixed standards of conduct.

Much Ado About Nothing: Act 1, Scene 1

She herself has defied the role Hero so willingly adopted: By taking up the challenge of a dominant woman, Benedick courageously follows his conscience, not a code, and grows in moral stature.

Honour remains under attack until the end, even though Don Pedro and Claudio do penance for their error. Their redemption is only partial. Claudio is flippant about marriage and Don Pedro is excluded from it.RHUL Shakespeare Society Presents: Much Ado About Nothing.

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Othello and much ado about nothing

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