M1 analyse different types of

The results have been confirmed. These findings reinforce the strong relationship between HBV and HCV viral infections and liver cancer and suggest that the attributable fractions shown in Table 3 may be underestimates. In Fusui County, primary liver cancer was correlated to intake of aflatoxin B1 but not aflatoxin, M1 and the decreasing trend in the aflatoxin—albumin adducts over time in Fusui were attributed to improved agricultural practices Yu et al.

M1 analyse different types of

M2Ia — Mu Cephei Extended spectral types[ edit ] A number of new spectral types have been taken into use from newly discovered types of stars. Wolf—Rayet[ edit ] Main article: Instead their spectra are dominated by broad emission lines of highly ionized helium, nitrogen, carbon and sometimes oxygen.

They are thought to mostly be dying supergiants with their hydrogen layers blown away by stellar windsthereby directly exposing their hot helium shells. WN9h for WR with hydrogen emission and ha e. The "Slash" stars[ edit ] Main article: Slash star The slash stars are O-type stars with WN-like lines in their spectra.

The name "slash" comes from their printed spectral type having a slash in it e. Recent discoveries of even rarer stars have extended the range of slash stars as far as O Brown dwarf and Red dwarf The new spectral types L, T, and Y were created to classify infrared spectra of cool stars.

M1 analyse different types of

This includes both red dwarfs and brown dwarfs that are very faint in the visible spectrum. Brown dwarfs start their lives with M-type spectra and will cool through the L, T, and Y spectral classes, faster the less massive they are; the highest-mass brown dwarfs cannot have cooled to Y or even T dwarfs within the age of the universe.

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Because this leads to an unresolvable overlap between spectral types' effective temperature and luminosity for some masses and ages of different L-T-Y types, no distinct temperature or luminosity values can be given. Some of these objects have masses large enough to support hydrogen fusion and are therefore stars, but most are of substellar mass and are therefore brown dwarfs.

They are a very dark red in color and brightest in infrared. Their atmosphere is cool enough to allow metal hydrides and alkali metals to be prominent in their spectra. Thus, L-type stars larger than dwarfs can never form in an isolated environment. However, it may be possible for these L-type supergiants to form through stellar collisions, an example of which is V Monocerotis while in the height of its luminous red nova eruption.HOW IT WORKS The beat frequency metal detector employs two oscillators: a very stable reference oscillator and a search oscillator.

analyse different types of business information and their sources. Unit 4: M1 analyse different types of business information and their sources.

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The BMI Thornbury Hospital is a private hospital in Sheffield, South Yorkshire run by BMI Healthcare, the UK's largest independent provider of private healthcare.

Find out more about our hospital & . buiness-help-co. A disadvantage of verbal communication is that the communication or message that was put across is not recorded (unless a video camera is used), this means that if there are any types of miscommunication such as an employee getting rude to a customer, there’s a high possibility that it won’t be recalled again.

M1: Analyse different types of business information and their sources To: Directors of New Look From: Caitlin Woods Subject: Analysis of different types of information and sources in New Look The aim of this report to focus on how effective communication of New Look, through analysing the different types of business information and their sources.

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