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Lumberman underwriting alliance minneapolis mn

The prevalent view taken of the military situation, as it now exists in Europe, undoubtedly is that the strategic stalemate which was created two or three months ago is continuing, with no sign of being broken.

The contests on the Belgian frontier, in France, and in Alsace, continue to be made up of advances or retreats which the War Office bulletins measure by hundreds of yards. An incessant artillery duel is the program. On the Russian border, the series of moves and countermoves repeats itself on the grand scale of operations, but with no more decisive result than in the fighting of the previous five months.

The situation on Germany's eastern frontier resembles an enormous chess-board, where checks are alternately applied by the opposing commanders to the initiative of their respective antagonists.

On the sea, the status can be hardly described as changed from what it was when the ocean, five months ago, was swept practically clear of German ships. The one novel incident, the raids by German cruisers and aeroplanes on the eastern coast of England, has had no military effect whatever, unless tolincrease the vigilance of the watch maintained on German waters by the British fleet.

Irish Sea with her submarines a fortnight ago, issued an Admiralty bulletin, warning the world that in future raids no guaranty could be given that passengers and crew would not be sunk with the ships, or that neutrals could escape the danger.

Commented on at first as a mere assertion of illegal and barbarous purposes, the Admiralty's warning can scarcely be said, in the light of subsequent discussion, to have been taken seriously. Our own Government refused to make any formal protest, at least until the text of the German notice should be received, though it appears to have asked positively whatthe warning actually means.

On Monday of this week there followed the Lusitania incident, indirectly connected with the German Admiralty proclamation, when the big Cunarder went into her English port flying the American Flag.

That this use of neutral colors is a traditional right of wartime has been quite universally conceded; the expedient was used by our own ships in the Spanish War and by the German cruiser Emden in one of lumberman underwriting alliance minneapolis mn raids on an Asiatic port, when it flew the Japanese flag.

Nevertheless, the incident was irritating and for England undoubtedly humiliating. It emphasizes further the patent fact that the whole question of the relations of belligerents and neutrals on the sea in time of war remains in a most unsatisfactory condition.

We are not among those who imagine that this war is in the least likely to be complicated through the drawing into it, as a result of such incidents, of neutral Powers like the United States and Holland. But if so, then what will determine the end of the contest?

How will this war, which has reached the present extraordinary military deadlock, and in which the prospect of brilliant and conclusive operations of the Napoleonic sort is no longer seriously considered, be actually terminated?

The question is so baffling that the most experienced observers simply refuse to make explicit predictions. There are undoubtedly developments under. Lord Kitchener's new British army should be on the Continent in the spring, adding perhaps a million men to those already at the front.

But Belgium and the western German frontier are one long line of entrenched and fortified camps. Actual invasion of Germany from the west is scarcely thinkable.

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Russia has certainly thus far been held in check on the other side of Germany, and no greater evidence of a coming invasion on that side has presented itself than has been visible at any previous time. When all this is said, there remains, among the distinctly military problems, the question of Austria's position in the war, and the further question as to the entry of other European neutrals into the conflict.

The Austrian situation is as obscure as it is peculiar. She alone occupies, at the moment, the position of a defeated nation. Alone among all the belligerent States she has shown signs of that popular dissatisfaction which always comes with an unsuccessful war.

The removal from the Premiership of the Austrian statesman, Count Berchthold, the real diplomatic instigator of the war, and his replacement by a Hungarian statesman, throw at least some light on the theory that Hungary has chafed under the placing of Austria's own interests first in the strategy of the war.

The question of a possible change of European neutrals into FEB. The status of affairs in that regard is singular. It does not necessarily follow that these operations have involved political commitments; it is possible that the two Balkan States may have only been fixing the price for their neutrality.

Yet a strong belief continues to prevail that the Roumanian people are eager to move against Germany and Austria, and that Bulgaria would, under such circumstances, be inclined to take the field against Roumania, for whose conduct in the second Balkan war the bitterest feelings are still entertained.

Supposing both these nations to enter the conflict, there might be involved a serious menace to Austria and Hungary; but, on the other hand, it might mean nothing more than renewal of war between the Balkan States themselves.

Italy has thus far show signs of picking a quarrel only with Turkey. This might in certain circumstances have involved a collision with Turkey's German Allies; but Turkey has yielded, with the best grace it could. That anti-Austrian sentiment in Italy is extremely strong, and that popular feeling has been held in check by the Government with great difficulty, are apparently established facts.

It has been lately pointed out, in a review of the Italian situation by Signor Ferrero, brother of the historian, and New York correspondent of the "Corriere della Sera", that the composition of the Italian Ministry, the popular eagerness to recover the Trentino, the hatred of Austria for its conduct regarding those northeastern Italian possessions, are practically irresistible impelling forces toward the engaging of Itlay on the side of the Allies.

The further point is made that Italian statesmen fully recognize the position which Italy would occupy after the war is over, if it were to maintain neutrality throughout the war.

If Germany were victorious, Italy might have to answer for its refusal to support the Triple Alliance; with victory going to the Allies, there would be left no claim, territorial or otherwise, for Italy to present.

Thus the matter stands as regards these possible new participants in the conflict. People Search | Megan Patchen, Johnny Coppiano, Levi Blake

Even granting the entry of one or all of these,three neutral States into the war, how is the end of the contest to be actually brought about? The idea, frequently expressed in England at the opening of the war, that Germany must be "beaten to her knees" has been pretty much abandoned.

The theory of financial exhaustion has obtained no color whatever from the events since the war began.Post on Dec views. Category: Documents.

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lumberman underwriting alliance minneapolis mn

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lumberman underwriting alliance minneapolis mn
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