How was the industrial revolution good or bad

Full site A - Z index The Industrial Revolution The debate about whether the industrial revolution was a good or a bad thing for the Welsh language will probably last as long as Welsh itself. Modern industry started in the 18th century, and its growth accelerated throughout the 19th as production switched from metal to coal mining.

How was the industrial revolution good or bad

Was the Industrial Revolution good or bad? The Industrial Revolution was overall more good than bad. This because it shaped life and made society better. Some examples of how the Industrial Revolution was good was that a new government was formed through the ideas of the time period, that are still used today in many countries across the world.

Also machines started to be used during this time. Also through the Industrial Revolution wages, working conditions, and long work days all improved through the Industrial Revolution leading to life today.

How was the industrial revolution good or bad

New inventions made life easier for everyone. It made Britain more advanced because instead of using your hands to do every job, you can use power-driven machines to do things in factories, farms, and everyday life.

There was also an abundant amount of food now because farmers had been making and improving machines that planted crops. It lowered food prices and help make people become more healthy due to the fact that they didn't have to spend as much money on food as they did before.

Also new ways of transportation were created. These new ways of transportation made it cheaper and easier for people to travel from town to town, and for goods to be shipped in and out. Banks that were able to give out loans allowed people a place to store their money and give them money as long as they paid it back eventually.

It also gave richer people a way to invest in inventors to create new machines. Places were disease ridden, since the population was increasing and there was no way to dispose of their waste so they ended up having no where to put their waste causing it all to build up.

There were harsh working conditions. Their jobs were boring, and people were forced to work long hours to be able to get money so they could feed their families.

They had to work long hours,carry heavy loads, and were whipped if found sleeping on the job. Through all this they still were paid very minimal for their services. This graph shows that the population growth increased greatly by thousands in Europe after the Industrial Revolution.

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In this case, Britain’s industrial revolution was transforming the balance of global power in the early 19th century. — Ian Morris, New York Times, "The Opium War and the Humiliation of China," 2 July The industrial revolution in the 19th century changed the landscape of agrarian economies, and of education.

The standard-of-living debate today is not about whether the industrial revolution made people better off, but about when. The pessimists claim no marked improvement in standards of living until the s or s.

Most optimists, by contrast, believe that living standards were rising by . Mar 13,  · Best Answer: The industrial revolution was both good and bad.


For example it was good because the diet of the average worker had improved drastically. Meat was no longer a rarity and peoples diets improved.

As production increased, clothing dropped in price and the working class was able to afford them Status: Resolved. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Industrial Revolution in America.

How was the industrial revolution good or bad

For Kids For thousands of years, goods were made by hand. But around years ago, a new machine was invented in England. This time period in history is called the Industrial Revolution.

There were many good things and many bad things about the Industrial Revolution. The 6 Cons of Industrial Revolution. 1. Working from other factories is exhausting.

It causes long working hours, it has bad working conditions, and there are times that it causes illness and death.

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