Em forster art for art s sake

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Em forster art for art s sake

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Waste no more time! This simple, easily understood sentence is the opening line to E. Forster's address entitled "Art For Art's Sake". His speech centers on the concept of art and how it is perceived in today's society.

Should art be something used solely for the furthering of a controversial statement or belief? Is art that has no clear-cut meaning unworthy to behold?

These are all questions that are raised in his work to some degree. Where does Forster stand on these questions? The opening line pretty much puts that question to rest. He is a huge supporter of art no matter in what shape or form.

Is Forster correct in his view?

Em forster art for art s sake

But does everyone feel this way? Upon writing this, Forster seems to not have a very high opinion on his current society in their regarding of the appreciation of art.

In fact, he downright blasts them for their ignorance. At one point in his address, he says: But Science shows no signs of doing this: So many people are just thinking about themselves and how their lives can be made easier.

And furthermore, if they can figure out a way to make both their own and others' lives easier, they can become rich and famous out of it.

As a result, art is ignored altogether. People's minds are too preoccupied. Also, Forster blames greed for the overlooking of art. He feels that too many people are on the lookout for wealth and status. They do things in that vein ;their intentions are misguided and pigheaded.

However, if people would take a good hard look at art and find joy in it, society would be much better off. People would think in a multidimensional way and their once wicked intentions would become pure and honorable. Art seems to hold the greatest power of all to Forster.

Em forster art for art s sake

How would Forster feel about Socrates and his views on art? You would think that he would agree with one of the world's most famed and respected historical figures, but this would probably not be the case.

Socrates had a very radical view on the arts. First of all, he felt that a majority of art was merely imitation. All the artists were doing was taking something that they did not create or make and drawing it. Most artists were not original in any way according to Socrates.

He also felt that art was awful and harmful because it brought out emotions in people that they supposedly are embarrassed to feel. But when any sorrow of our own happens to us, then you may observe that we pride ourselves on the opposite quality-we would fain be quiet and patient ;this is considered the manly part, and the other which delighted us in the recitation is now deemed to be the part of the woman.

Now can we be right in praising and admiring another who is doing that which any one of us would abominate and be ashamed of in his own person?The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph.

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The Healing Party comes with impressive credentials. It's been nominated for the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards, and the blurb is by Helen Garner who calls it a wild family drama, shot through with a furious, pure and grieving love.

But it's a difficult book for unbelievers because it's about a family of 'charismatic' Christians and. Em Forster Art For Art S Sake. The story “Art for Heart’s Sake” was written by Reuben Lucius Goldberg (), an American sculptor, cartoonist and writer.

After graduating from the University of California in he works as a cartoonist for a number of newspapers and magazines.

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