Dirt bike supply chain management software

EWC also delivers more power by eliminating pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating improving combustion efficiency. It also generates very low vapor pressures which reduces strain on cooling system components. Installation requires just a bit more than dumping the old fluid and adding the EWC. Please click on the 'Instructions' button below to see those directions.

Dirt bike supply chain management software

Email that spawned this episode: Plastic Shoes with cam chains Marc Littell of East Tennessee First just wanted to say thanks for the great content you guys put out. I commute a couple hours to work on an airplane and the Law Abiding Biker Podcast is always playing.

I am new to Harley's, I've had a few older metrics and always have had dirt bikes, and the service video was great inspiration in completing the service. It really is simple to complete after watching you guys tackle it on the video. I have read about a potential problem with the plastic shoes associated with the cam chains.

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Do you have any info on this issue? This is a small quote from an article on JP Cycles. Harley has made some changes in later model bikes, but even with the new hydraulic tensioning system, it is not a true fix.

Justin Oscar's Original Email Response: I am very familiar with your question, I rode a Ultra Classic for three years. Without knowing what you are riding I can tell you this: In order to run the valve train Harley went to a cam chain tensioner set up utilizing a spring loaded shoe putting pressure on the cam chain with push rods.

They also used, and I can' remember the technical name of the chain, an older chain design. Indeed the cam chain shoes would wear out partly because of the shoe and partly because of the chain.

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Harley recommended getting them checked between 35 and 40K miles. Problem is they could give out ANY time and were not covered under warranty. Generally when they go they break up and get sucked up into the oil pump. This disrupts the oil flow and tells the computer the oil level is low.

This can shut the bike down. I had not heard of any major engine problems as a result but you would need a new oil pump and new cam shoes. The inspection and replacement of the inner shoe is expensive and involves removing the oil pump and cam, the outer one shoe is easier but you have to check both of them.

I thought, why would I replace a faulty product with new faulty products. Harley, of course, made a fairly expensive upgrade including a new oil pump and hydraulic cam chain tensioners run by the engine oil and re-designed shoes.

They also went to a new style chain. The new design is very reliable and as of like I haven't heard of any problems with them. I went with a gear drive cam in my This eliminates the cam chains entirely and actually produces a little more horsepower by make the valve timing more accurate.

It was not noisy and the cam produced awesome power with the stock 88ci motor. It was even better when I went up to the 95ci.

Personally, in those year bikes, I would do the gear drive cam if you plan on keeping your bike for a while. Some guys rode those year bikes and never had a problem.

Other's had problems at unexpected times. Harley will tell you that if you are going to replace the shoes or do the upgrade you might as well do new cams, its no more in labor because the cam chest is already open, just the price of parts and a lifetime of reliability if you go gear drive.

If you have any more questions let me know, I researched the various cams, cam timing and cam lift as well as gear vs chain drive. I want to do this on my own and not rely on a dealership, at least for this basic stuff. So from watching the video, its possible to change all three fluids with the bike on the kick stand.

I have been told the bike should be upright when changing fluids but from the video, leaving the bike on the stand works fine?The facts & solution on the Harley Davidson Twin Cam Chain Tensioner problems affecting pre Dyana's and Harley Davidson.

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Dirt bike supply chain management software

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