Comparing mc donalds and white castle essay

The rest of the features are the same as in table 11 above and with the same amount of members. Hence, the total sum of features in this column is now 8 instead of the previous The aspect column is a combination of lexical and grammatical aspect. Naturally, it is concerned with the verb of the phrase in which lagom occurs.

Comparing mc donalds and white castle essay

Also, I left out something important - GDP is not just a return on capital even human capital because human ingenuity produces excess profits and increases the value of the capital. So you'd have to adjust the calculation of human capital to account for growing return. Any real macro economists care to point me in the direction of more accuracy?

Rather than pulling an imaginary growth rate out of our … armpit, perhaps a better approach can be found. GDP is the goods and services produced by a society. However much of that is consumed as well. The number we are really seeking is the net 'profit' figure that can be carried forward into the next year.

It is good to remember that any 'profit' carried over must be held in the form of an asset. Thus a reasonable measure of the rate of return would be the net increase in total assets year over year. Maybe I'm too classical, but I've always thought that GDP is a flow measure of all the goods and services we produce, of which one portion is consumed to give us present utility and the remaining portion is invested to enhance our ability to increase GDP in the next period.

Presumably all goods have some aspect of both utility and investment "school is fun and you learn something" or "bridges are beautiful and enable transportation"but we can think of the investment portion of GDP as flowing into a stock of accumulated capital. The stock of capital deteriorates over time, so some of that flow is just running to keep still.

Part of the stock is human, Comparing mc donalds and white castle essay of it is physical plant, and part of it is institutional arrangement of society courts, laws etc.

The dollar figure we attach to capital stock is just a very rough attempt at measurement, and doesn't take into account the importance of having the right arrangement of the 3 kinds of capital stock.

Unfortunately much of it is unquantified and unquantifiable.

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Adi Schnytzer brings up the stock market aspect: Surely the real issue here is that, however, we define GDP, it's notoriously unpredictable? After all, why has the market been shooting up and down so furiously lately?

Comparing mc donalds and white castle essay

In part it's because every one has been wondering whether or not the US economy is moving into a recession. Well, if we could agree on a way to to measure and predict GDP, we'd have solved that issue for the market pretty quickly, wouldn't we? This assumes the market moves based on GDP at all.

From to GDP went from And GDP during the 60s and 70s surpassed the growth rates of the 80s and 90s, yet what decades saw the greatest gains in stocks? Stock market moves do not correlate well with actual GDP data over decades or even years, let alone the daily thoughts and musings of financial pundits.

To say stocks move on GDP data, or confusion thereof, is not supported by raw data. This is the same logic that says, "Stocks rose on a drop in oil prices" one day and then the very next day says, "Stocks fall despite a decline in oil prices.

Comparing mc donalds and white castle essay

My argument was not that the market moves in line with GDP, rather that lately the market has been reacting to news suggesting either an imminent recession or not. To measure the relevance of this assertion you need to check whether or not the market falls some months before a recession thus anticipating it and not whether over a long period the market tracks GDP.

As a simple chess player I must admit to being confused by the apparent implication seen everywhere right now that positive GDP is good and negative GDP is bad.

In my own admitedly primitive pursuit one rarely gets the opportunity to play expansive moves on a continuous basis, there are periods when one must regroup in order to increase the potential energy of a position. So if I were an economist I would not be looking for answers in simple linear relationships.

Instead I'd try to study the interplay between 'potential energy' one might try to define this in many ways, for example by defining debt in 'real' terms and GDP. And I'd hypothesise that one of the most bullish economic times would be during a recession in which personal debt was being reduced.

Vinh Tu tries to sum up and conclude: Whether more GDP is "good" or "bad" is a normative judgment. To an economist, however, since GDP by definition refers to the production of "goods", it has to be good. It is generally assumed that utility is monotonically increasing with goods. Whether the increase in goods produced corresponds to an increase in share prices is an entirely different matter.

A share represents a claim on assets which, in turn, yield a stream of goods or money which can be exchanged for goods. Whether an increase in GDP is beneficial for share prices has everything to do with where that increase comes from.

An increase in efficiency, whereby the return on existing assets increases, would probably increase share prices, all else being equal. On the other hand, the creation of new capital assets would not increase the value of pre-existing assets if it resulted in the assets being less efficient.Competitive Advantage through Training and Development Competitive Advantage: A competitive advantage is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices.

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